Three at the same time…

Is it odd to write more than one novel at once? I sometimes find myself writing three books simultaneously at the same time. Obviously, I pour most of my attention into the second City of the Broken book, which is the next in the trilogy, but I like to alternate it with writing in other genres. I like to mix things up so that I don’t get bored and can keep coming up with fresh ideas, which is always the greatest pleasure I get from writing. Interested in other authors thoughts on this.

The one problem with this is that as my attention is directed into three projects, it can take longer to finish a single novel. There is also the danger of getting the plots and characters mixed up(No!)

But I still maintain that writing in other genres and about different topics keeps my mind sharper and leads to my interest in finishing a book being strengthened.


Writing and insomnia

So it happened again. Late night inspiration struck.
My head was blank all day and then at 11. PM, when I was so tired and about to go to bed, my brain began flooding with ideas for a new novel. So I spent hours writing down a whole new concept and new plot.

I think that I get all my best ideas at night, particularly late at night. Sometimes I have to wake up at 3AM to write them down. I am not an insomniac, but being a writer is certainly turning me into one!

Can sleep deprivation lead to heightened creative and more clear thought processing? I’ll have to look into it, but it definitely seems to do so with me!

What about you? When do you find yourself getting your best ideas?


The best entertainment there is…

The best thing about being an author is that you always have a reason to be busy.
Boredom can sometimes feel like an inescapable thing, but as long as you can write then you have a passport to go to wherever you want for free. Sometimes I find that the only way to entertain myself is through the inventions of stories. The appeal of watching T.V can sometimes wear off, what with all the repeats, but when you write…there is always a new chapter.


Fine-toothed comb

So I have written the first book in my trilogy and have nearly finished the second book.
But for the first time in months I have put my second book to one side, and turned my focus back sharply to the first. I am going through each sentence and meticulously checking for any grammatical errors and painstakingly moving to its rightful place every runaway full stop that has escaped its enclosure in a quotation mark.

This may not sound such a hard task but when you have to comb through a 75,000 word novel and fix every tiny fault, it can be tiresome and insanely irritating. But it’ll be worth it in the end.
I do not want a single flaw present when I submit it to agents. That single, stray full stop may make all the difference. As much as I’d like to say that agents would overlook the technicalities for the sake of a great story, I think that since there is so much competition and they are bombarded with so many submissions you cant take any risks and so I am being super pedantic when it comes to reviewing my work.


The sayings of those who can never get down to putting pen to paper….

One day I’ll write a book…
I’ve always said there’s a book in me…
I’m thinking of writing a novel…
All of the above are the sayings of those who will never actually write. If you find yourself guilty of saying such phrases and being all talk and no action, then start writing. Now!

There are plenty of people, everyday folk not just professional authors, who write novels and actually finish them, so don’t think you are exceptional in just thinking of writing one.

If you want to be a writer… then just write. Dont talk about it. Dont dream about it. Just do it! You’ll soon find you develop a habit and get into a routine and the words just pour out.

But if you never even start, then you’ll never write a book!