The truth about being a writer….

What’s your daily word count when writing? I average 3000 words a day.

Being a writer involves imagination+ determination+ perspiration. The first one is my favourite but you need all three in equal measure to actually complete the book you started writing. You also need patience and the ability to free your mind and let it wander where it may.

The worst part of being a writer? Sitting at a desk and having to type. This can lead to neck strain if you do it for long periods as I have found. The best part of being a writer? Sitting at a desk and typing and entering the wondrous, forbidden and unknown realms of your imagination. Letting your creativity run wild.

I really think that the best way to learn to write is by reading other authors work and to practice, practice, practice (daily) obviously. I’m reading Stephen King’s IT, the first SK novel that I have read and I am blown away. I love the way he combines a child-like innocence with gruesome horror. Another book I am reading is the Writers and Artists Guide To: How to Write by Harry Bingham. It really helps you to decipher the flaws in your own writing and read with a critical( but constructive!) eye.

I find I write the most productively when its night-time or at least when its going dark outside. I think that’s when I am at my most relaxed and can focus the best. It also helps set the atmosphere for The City of the Broken, which is always useful! If I ever decide to write a book about summertime, or something light-hearted, I guess I’ll have to switch my writing routine to the daytime to reflect the tone of the book!


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