Fine-toothed comb

So I have written the first book in my trilogy and have nearly finished the second book.
But for the first time in months I have put my second book to one side, and turned my focus back sharply to the first. I am going through each sentence and meticulously checking for any grammatical errors and painstakingly moving to its rightful place every runaway full stop that has escaped its enclosure in a quotation mark.

This may not sound such a hard task but when you have to comb through a 75,000 word novel and fix every tiny fault, it can be tiresome and insanely irritating. But it’ll be worth it in the end.
I do not want a single flaw present when I submit it to agents. That single, stray full stop may make all the difference. As much as I’d like to say that agents would overlook the technicalities for the sake of a great story, I think that since there is so much competition and they are bombarded with so many submissions you cant take any risks and so I am being super pedantic when it comes to reviewing my work.


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