Writing and insomnia

So it happened again. Late night inspiration struck.
My head was blank all day and then at 11. PM, when I was so tired and about to go to bed, my brain began flooding with ideas for a new novel. So I spent hours writing down a whole new concept and new plot.

I think that I get all my best ideas at night, particularly late at night. Sometimes I have to wake up at 3AM to write them down. I am not an insomniac, but being a writer is certainly turning me into one!

Can sleep deprivation lead to heightened creative and more clear thought processing? I’ll have to look into it, but it definitely seems to do so with me!

What about you? When do you find yourself getting your best ideas?


4 thoughts on “Writing and insomnia

  1. I know the feeling of insomnia. I think my best writing moments come during the worst times of turmoil (I don’t like this!) 😉 I’m working on the discipline to write during the peaceful times. I think I’ve come to avoid and/or fear writing because I relate it to the isolation or feelings of despair that it has so wonderfully helped me through (if that makes any sense).

    • Reading my comment I realize I wrote it in a way that suggests I fear writing but I don’t. I love writing. I just associate it with intense emotion that at times has been challenging. Good luck on your novel ideas. 🙂

  2. I have heard that if you meditate on some challenge you are having right before you go to bed then your subconscious will work on the challenge while you sleep, giving you the answer in the morning. I have tried this and sometimes it works. I too get hit with great ideas right before bed. Sometimes I write them down, other times I convince myself that I will remember them In the morning. Inspiration is a funny and fickle thing, but relaxation might be the key.

  3. My best ideas come in great waves at no particular time of day. They last for a minute or an hour or three days. I only wish I didn’t have to sleep at those times! I rarely write late at night as my brain is first to go! I wish I could!

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