A novel every six months challenge!

I have set myself the challenge of writing a novel every six months for the foreseeable future. It is not as difficult and as extreme as it may seem. It is easy manageable as long as you write a fair amount each day. Some people have written novels in a day and so I’m sure this is perfectly possible.The reason? I need to write a book that agents are going to go for. I’ve received only reject letters for the novels I’ve written so far(albeit positive ones!), and if I keep only writing a novel when the mood strikes then it’ll take me years to get published. A book every six months, in a variety of genres gives me a lot more scope to get an agent as soon as possible. That is, as long as I don’t rush the editing process in my haste! If nothing else, the challenge will sharpen my writing skills and act as a learning curve.

Meanwhile, I know the London Book Fair is coming up. I really want to go. Anyone know what kind of events they hold there? I’ve never been before so I’m not sure what they hold for writers and debut authors.


3 thoughts on “A novel every six months challenge!

  1. I have written books in 6 months before, personally, it’s not a good practice. You tend to make a lot more mistakes, then when you’ve finished, and its actually in book form, and you’re now reading it, you find that there were a lot more things you could have done to make it a lot better. Plus, you’re forcing yourself to write, which isn’t always good either, but that just kind of depends on your writing style.

    Its always better to let the story come to you because the thought process comes with it and you end up with a much better finished product.

    Don’t be in a rush to publish, I know how it feels to want to get your work out there, but you can always self-publish. Yes, going the SP route is much harder and has some drawbacks, but you learn a lot more about the business and industry and you have more control of what happens to your work, not to mention its free.

    Agents are meticulously picky and choosy. They tend to follow current trends, and many of them have select genres and story-styles that they choose to represent. An agent will only shop your book around, which is something you can do yourself. In the process they may arrange a few PR events here and there, but you can also do that yourself, but their primary goal will be getting you signed with a major publishing house. And yes, its not impossible for you to do that yourself either, very difficult, but not impossible. So why pay them to do the things you can?

    And don’t worry about the rejection letters. Writing is a very tough industry and full of rejection — It’s going to happen. Take it in stride, keep writing, and remain confident in your skill and work. Best wishes to you!

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