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The Giant of Wales

When I was growing up, I was told the story of a legend of a Giant whose body lay buried in Wales, near to the farm I grew up on. My mother often told me stories of fairytales, of trolls, that lived under bridges and goblins, that lived in cowpats and hid in Oak trees, but she always eventually admitted that these stories were the stuff of imagination. The Giant story however, she has maintained until this very day, some 20 years later, is very true. In her youth, she learned of the legend of the body of a man 100 feet tall, who lay buried under a bank of earth, and who was now covered by miles and miles of forestry that protected the secret of his existence. Her grandmother had related this story to her, and her father had also maintained the story was true. Her grandmother was a devout Christian and her father was a hardy farmer, so neither were really ideal candidates for telling fabricated tales. The story goes that the Giant was a great general that was buried in an area known as “Giant’s Cross”, named after the shape that the mound of earth he was buried under formed. This general died in a battle hundreds and hundreds of years ago. His burial ground reportedly still remains, untouched, in the shape of this cross.I have always longed to search for his remains, perplexed by the origins of this mystery, and the level of credibility that my mother has attached to the original account. Despite the lengthy history and level of authenticity ascribed to The Giant’s Cross and the Great General of a historic battle, I have yet to see mention of it in local history books or any other accounts of this story in the local area. My mother has speculated the site may relate to a battle from the Roman times, and I know that when I was a child, my mother also made mention to the discovery of Roman coins that had been unearthed on my farm. The mystery continues, and I may yet have to seek to solve it myself.