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The Giant of Wales

When I was growing up, I was told the story of a legend of a Giant whose body lay buried in Wales, near to the farm I grew up on. My mother often told me stories of fairytales, of trolls, that lived under bridges and goblins, that lived in cowpats and hid in Oak trees, but she always eventually admitted that these stories were the stuff of imagination. The Giant story however, she has maintained until this very day, some 20 years later, is very true. In her youth, she learned of the legend of the body of a man 100 feet tall, who lay buried under a bank of earth, and who was now covered by miles and miles of forestry that protected the secret of his existence. Her grandmother had related this story to her, and her father had also maintained the story was true. Her grandmother was a devout Christian and her father was a hardy farmer, so neither were really ideal candidates for telling fabricated tales. The story goes that the Giant was a great general that was buried in an area known as “Giant’s Cross”, named after the shape that the mound of earth he was buried under formed. This general died in a battle hundreds and hundreds of years ago. His burial ground reportedly still remains, untouched, in the shape of this cross.I have always longed to search for his remains, perplexed by the origins of this mystery, and the level of credibility that my mother has attached to the original account. Despite the lengthy history and level of authenticity ascribed to The Giant’s Cross and the Great General of a historic battle, I have yet to see mention of it in local history books or any other accounts of this story in the local area. My mother has speculated the site may relate to a battle from the Roman times, and I know that when I was a child, my mother also made mention to the discovery of Roman coins that had been unearthed on my farm. The mystery continues, and I may yet have to seek to solve it myself.



The dilemma of interest from literary agents over incomplete book

Hi everyone,

I figured it was about time that I posted something on here again. It has been a really long time since I have been active on my blog, and there are no excuses for that. I love writing so therefore I should be blogging everyday. That is my early new year’s resolution…to actively stick with my blog this year!

So a few updates on what is currently happening on the writing front.
Firstly the best thing ever happened to me(and this is going back a bit now, just to show you how behind I have gotten with everything!) I took part in the Pitch Your Novel to Curtis Brown using the #PitchCB and JoJo Moyes agent Sheila Crowley liked it, which is an invite to send her a submission! In addition to this, two members of the new writing team at Curtis Brown, Abbie Greaves and Lucy Morris also liked my twitter proposal! This was way back on the 30th September 2016…and guess what? I still haven’t sent it into them. Why not? Because I haven’t finished writing it yet! I don’t want to rush it and so far have only gotten about 20000 words down, but since they like the idea, I figured I should finish the whole novel off first, then refine it a lot and then send it into Curtis Brown for consideration. Hopefully, they will still be interested. But anyway, it made my day back in September so I thought I should share it with you.

Anyway, as stated above, I’m currently writing my novel with the added pressure that I don’t usually have when writing, of having agents express interest prior to my completing it. Arrrrrrragh! It is both a dream and nightmare situation at once. I so just want to get it out there, but a book is not something that can be rushed. Writing takes time, and for now, I shall bide my time, hoping that the market doesn’t change drastically and make my book no longer appealing, but still bearing in mind that a rushed work is a ruined work. Oh if only I had finished writing it back in September. Ah well, such is life.



A novel every six months challenge!

I have set myself the challenge of writing a novel every six months for the foreseeable future. It is not as difficult and as extreme as it may seem. It is easy manageable as long as you write a fair amount each day. Some people have written novels in a day and so I’m sure this is perfectly possible.The reason? I need to write a book that agents are going to go for. I’ve received only reject letters for the novels I’ve written so far(albeit positive ones!), and if I keep only writing a novel when the mood strikes then it’ll take me years to get published. A book every six months, in a variety of genres gives me a lot more scope to get an agent as soon as possible. That is, as long as I don’t rush the editing process in my haste! If nothing else, the challenge will sharpen my writing skills and act as a learning curve.

Meanwhile, I know the London Book Fair is coming up. I really want to go. Anyone know what kind of events they hold there? I’ve never been before so I’m not sure what they hold for writers and debut authors.



So I’ve just finished my first horror novel and it has now gone out to an agent, so I’m waiting for a response.

While I’m waiting to see if I can get my new novel published, you can view my already published book The City of the Broken at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-city-of-the-broken-ceri-beynon/1118942897?ean=2940045772396


Step away from the computer!


So I had been sitting at my PC for hours, waiting for inspiration to strike…and nothing. True writer’s block in every sense of the word. I wrote a couple of bleak and bland sentences to try and break the drout by forcing myself to write something, but they were so uninteresting that I found myself giving up and shutting down my computer without having written even a hundred words. It is times like these that every writer dreads.

As soon as the computer was off however, the ideas flowed like some enchanted waterfall. I got a pen and paper(remember those old things?) and conceived an idea for a new novel that excites me in a way no other project I have come up with before has!
And it was all because I gave myself a moment to reflect and let go of the pressure of having to write something. You should try it! The next time you find yourself staring hopelessly at a blank page word document, switch your computer off…and who knows? You might actually come up with something good!


By the way, in between those braindead ‘I don’t know what to write moments’ and conceiving my top secret new novel idea, I did manage to find time to write this for Diane Debella’s Iamsubject project…check it out on her website:


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Band of the Broken Brotherhood available to buy now on Amazon

Band of the Broken Brotherhood, the second in the City of the Broken trilogy is available to buy now in all amazon stores.US: UK:  I am really excited about getting started on the third and final book now :)!! 

The second book is a lot more darker than the first one! This is not so much a love story, as a fast paced adventure, with a little romance and mystery thrown in for good measure!