The dilemma of interest from literary agents over incomplete book

Hi everyone,

I figured it was about time that I posted something on here again. It has been a really long time since I have been active on my blog, and there are no excuses for that. I love writing so therefore I should be blogging everyday. That is my early new year’s resolution…to actively stick with my blog this year!

So a few updates on what is currently happening on the writing front.
Firstly the best thing ever happened to me(and this is going back a bit now, just to show you how behind I have gotten with everything!) I took part in the Pitch Your Novel to Curtis Brown using the #PitchCB and JoJo Moyes agent Sheila Crowley liked it, which is an invite to send her a submission! In addition to this, two members of the new writing team at Curtis Brown, Abbie Greaves and Lucy Morris also liked my twitter proposal! This was way back on the 30th September 2016…and guess what? I still haven’t sent it into them. Why not? Because I haven’t finished writing it yet! I don’t want to rush it and so far have only gotten about 20000 words down, but since they like the idea, I figured I should finish the whole novel off first, then refine it a lot and then send it into Curtis Brown for consideration. Hopefully, they will still be interested. But anyway, it made my day back in September so I thought I should share it with you.

Anyway, as stated above, I’m currently writing my novel with the added pressure that I don’t usually have when writing, of having agents express interest prior to my completing it. Arrrrrrragh! It is both a dream and nightmare situation at once. I so just want to get it out there, but a book is not something that can be rushed. Writing takes time, and for now, I shall bide my time, hoping that the market doesn’t change drastically and make my book no longer appealing, but still bearing in mind that a rushed work is a ruined work. Oh if only I had finished writing it back in September. Ah well, such is life.



A novel every six months challenge!

I have set myself the challenge of writing a novel every six months for the foreseeable future. It is not as difficult and as extreme as it may seem. It is easy manageable as long as you write a fair amount each day. Some people have written novels in a day and so I’m sure this is perfectly possible.The reason? I need to write a book that agents are going to go for. I’ve received only reject letters for the novels I’ve written so far(albeit positive ones!), and if I keep only writing a novel when the mood strikes then it’ll take me years to get published. A book every six months, in a variety of genres gives me a lot more scope to get an agent as soon as possible. That is, as long as I don’t rush the editing process in my haste! If nothing else, the challenge will sharpen my writing skills and act as a learning curve.

Meanwhile, I know the London Book Fair is coming up. I really want to go. Anyone know what kind of events they hold there? I’ve never been before so I’m not sure what they hold for writers and debut authors.


10,000 words to go!

So, I’m getting very close now to finishing the second book in my ‘City of the Broken’ trilogy. It’s always a bit of a sad yet satisfactory occasion to be nearing the end of writing a book. But I’ll still have one more book to write, so my characters journeys are not quite at a close yet.

I am always inspired to write after reading. And, in turn I have began to wonder how much the world of other’s books influences the shape and plot of my own story.

As I am currently reading a horror story, I have noticed that my second City of the Broken title has become darker and edgier, even though its a young adult novel.

Have you found this while writing? Music can also be of great influence on writing. Stephenie Meyer has admitted that music plays a huge part in her writing process and I find that’s true for me as well. Some of the plot of my first City of the Broken book was inspired by three songs, all by different bands. Even the title of the books was inspired by a song!


The sayings of those who can never get down to putting pen to paper….

One day I’ll write a book…
I’ve always said there’s a book in me…
I’m thinking of writing a novel…
All of the above are the sayings of those who will never actually write. If you find yourself guilty of saying such phrases and being all talk and no action, then start writing. Now!

There are plenty of people, everyday folk not just professional authors, who write novels and actually finish them, so don’t think you are exceptional in just thinking of writing one.

If you want to be a writer… then just write. Dont talk about it. Dont dream about it. Just do it! You’ll soon find you develop a habit and get into a routine and the words just pour out.

But if you never even start, then you’ll never write a book!


The joys of being a writer

I’m setting up this blog to follow my adventures in writing. After reading and rereading the Writers and Artists Yearbook 2014 it had become apparent that virtually all writers are meant to have their own blogs and since I did not yet have one I thought I had better get onto it pronto. So here it is. I have just self published my young adult novel The City of the Broken as an e-book on Kindle Direct Publishing, after reading an article about an author in a magazine who self published online and as a result of the popularity of the book eventually got a literary agent and publisher this way.

I was always incredibly cynical about self publishing if I’m honest, but that was before I learned of the wonders of e-books. The free service makes your book available worldwide at the click of a mouse, so I figured that I had nothing to lose. I’ve priced my book at $0.99 which I’ve gleaned from the Yearbook is the best thing to do for unknown authors seeking to find readership. But on the whole, I’m pleasantly surprised at the wonders of self-publishing which I always thought cost a great deal of money and yielded no obvious return. But that was before the Age of the Internet and the Kindle.

I have also just entered Authonmy’s First Lines Competition. Judged on your opening line alone, the winner will get to discuss their manuscript at HarperCollins’ office.

I’m in the process of writing the second book in The City of the Broken trilogy. I have written 55,000 words so far, with at least 20,000 more to go. But I’m loving every minute of it!