10,000 words to go!

So, I’m getting very close now to finishing the second book in my ‘City of the Broken’ trilogy. It’s always a bit of a sad yet satisfactory occasion to be nearing the end of writing a book. But I’ll still have one more book to write, so my characters journeys are not quite at a close yet.

I am always inspired to write after reading. And, in turn I have began to wonder how much the world of other’s books influences the shape and plot of my own story.

As I am currently reading a horror story, I have noticed that my second City of the Broken title has become darker and edgier, even though its a young adult novel.

Have you found this while writing? Music can also be of great influence on writing. Stephenie Meyer has admitted that music plays a huge part in her writing process and I find that’s true for me as well. Some of the plot of my first City of the Broken book was inspired by three songs, all by different bands. Even the title of the books was inspired by a song!


Three at the same time…

Is it odd to write more than one novel at once? I sometimes find myself writing three books simultaneously at the same time. Obviously, I pour most of my attention into the second City of the Broken book, which is the next in the trilogy, but I like to alternate it with writing in other genres. I like to mix things up so that I don’t get bored and can keep coming up with fresh ideas, which is always the greatest pleasure I get from writing. Interested in other authors thoughts on this.

The one problem with this is that as my attention is directed into three projects, it can take longer to finish a single novel. There is also the danger of getting the plots and characters mixed up(No!)

But I still maintain that writing in other genres and about different topics keeps my mind sharper and leads to my interest in finishing a book being strengthened.


Writing and insomnia

So it happened again. Late night inspiration struck.
My head was blank all day and then at 11. PM, when I was so tired and about to go to bed, my brain began flooding with ideas for a new novel. So I spent hours writing down a whole new concept and new plot.

I think that I get all my best ideas at night, particularly late at night. Sometimes I have to wake up at 3AM to write them down. I am not an insomniac, but being a writer is certainly turning me into one!

Can sleep deprivation lead to heightened creative and more clear thought processing? I’ll have to look into it, but it definitely seems to do so with me!

What about you? When do you find yourself getting your best ideas?