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Band of the Broken Brotherhood available to buy now on Amazon

Band of the Broken Brotherhood, the second in the City of the Broken trilogy is available to buy now in all amazon stores.US: UK:  I am really excited about getting started on the third and final book now :)!! 

The second book is a lot more darker than the first one! This is not so much a love story, as a fast paced adventure, with a little romance and mystery thrown in for good measure! 



77,000 words down and I have officially completed the second book in my ‘The City of the Broken’ trilogy. Just a whole lot of editing to do now! It’s always a bit of a momentous yet slightly sad occasion to finish a novel. It’s taken me since last July to complete so I have written it slightly quicker than my first one. I really enjoyed writing it, and it’s definitely been an adventure. I feel I have learnt a lot about my characters, their motives and goals, and some darker sides to them that have surprised me. 


How do you feel when you finally complete a project than you’ve been working on for ages? 


10,000 words to go!

So, I’m getting very close now to finishing the second book in my ‘City of the Broken’ trilogy. It’s always a bit of a sad yet satisfactory occasion to be nearing the end of writing a book. But I’ll still have one more book to write, so my characters journeys are not quite at a close yet.

I am always inspired to write after reading. And, in turn I have began to wonder how much the world of other’s books influences the shape and plot of my own story.

As I am currently reading a horror story, I have noticed that my second City of the Broken title has become darker and edgier, even though its a young adult novel.

Have you found this while writing? Music can also be of great influence on writing. Stephenie Meyer has admitted that music plays a huge part in her writing process and I find that’s true for me as well. Some of the plot of my first City of the Broken book was inspired by three songs, all by different bands. Even the title of the books was inspired by a song!


Fine-toothed comb

So I have written the first book in my trilogy and have nearly finished the second book.
But for the first time in months I have put my second book to one side, and turned my focus back sharply to the first. I am going through each sentence and meticulously checking for any grammatical errors and painstakingly moving to its rightful place every runaway full stop that has escaped its enclosure in a quotation mark.

This may not sound such a hard task but when you have to comb through a 75,000 word novel and fix every tiny fault, it can be tiresome and insanely irritating. But it’ll be worth it in the end.
I do not want a single flaw present when I submit it to agents. That single, stray full stop may make all the difference. As much as I’d like to say that agents would overlook the technicalities for the sake of a great story, I think that since there is so much competition and they are bombarded with so many submissions you cant take any risks and so I am being super pedantic when it comes to reviewing my work.